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Wasp Scramble  - 5/27/2018
West Winds Golf Course
Please Select a Class from the List Below
2C Historic 250 Nov3A Historic 500 Expert
5A Grand Prix 250 Expert6B Grand Prix 500 Inter
6A Grand Prix 500 Expert8A Ultima 250 Expert
10C Post Vintage Open Age Nov12C Post Vintage 50+ Nov
12B Post Vintage 50+ Inter12A Post Vintage 50+ Expert
13A Post Vintage 60+ Expert16C Vintage MB 0-99cc Nov
17C Vintage MB 100-140cc Nov17B Vintage MB 100-140cc Inter
17A Vintage MB 100-140cc Exp18C Premier Light Wgt Nov
20B Premier 500 Inter20A Premier 500 Expert
22C Classic 250 Nov22B Classic 250 Inter
22A Classic 250 Expert23B Classic 500 Inter
23A Classic 500 Expert24C Sportsman 125 Nov
24B Sportsman 125 Inter25C Sportsman 250 Nov
25B Sportsman 250 Inter25A Sportsman 250 Expert
26B Sportsman 500 Inter29C Vintage 50+ Nov
29B Vintage 50+ Inter29A Vintage 50+ Expert
30C Vintage 60+ Nov30A Vintage 60+ Expert
31B Vintage 70+ Inter33 MX Sidecar Open
34C Twin Thunder Open Nov34B Twin Thunder Open Inter
34A Twin Thunder Open Expert 
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