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CALVMX Rd#10 - 11/18/2018
Please Select a Class from the List Below
All Classes
3D Premier Nov (Pre-1968)5B Classic 125cc Exp (Pre-1972
9D Vintage 125 Nov Sportsman9B Vintage 125 Exp Sportsman
10C Vintage 250 Int Sportsman10B Vintage 250 Exp Sportsman
11C Vintage 500 Int Sportsman11B Vintage 500 Exp Sportsman
12C Vintage Open Age Int12B Vintage Open Age Exp
13D Vintage +50 Nov13C Vintage +50 Int
13B Vintage +50 Exp14D Vintage +60 Nov
14C Vintage +60 Int14B Vintage +60 Exp
15C Vintage +70 Int2E Ironman Classic Beg
20D GP1-125 Nov (Pre-1981)20C GP1-125 Int (Pre-1981)
21D GP1-250 Nov (Pre-1981)21B GP1-250 Exp (Pre-1981)
22C GP1-500 Int (Pre-1981)22B GP1-500 Exp (Pre-1981)
23D GP2-125 Nov (Pre-1986)23C GP2-125 Int (Pre-1986)
24D GP2-250 Nov (Pre-1986)24C GP2-250 Int (Pre-1986)
24B GP2-250 Exp (Pre-1986)25C GP2-500 Int (Pre-1986)
25B GP2-500 Exp (Pre-1986)26C GP3-125 Int (Pre-1996)
27D GP3-250 Nov (Pre-1996)28C GP3-500 Int (Pre-1996)
28B GP3-500 Exp (Pre-1996)29C GP200 Int
32D GP85 Nov33C XR75/80 Stk Int Pre 1985
35D MS Vet 40+ Nov35C MS Vet 40+ Int
35B MS Vet 40+ Exp36E MS 2 Stroke Beg
36D MS 2 Stroke Nov36C MS 2 Stroke Int
36B MS 2 Stroke Exp37D MS 4 Stroke Nov
37C MS 4 Stroke Int37B MS 4 Stroke Exp
38D Open Age GP Nov38C Open Age GP Int
38B Open Age GP Exp39D 50+ GP Nov (Pre-1996)
39C 50+ GP Int (Pre-1996)39B 50+ GP Exp (Pre-1996)
40D 60+ GP Nov (Pre-1996)40C 60+ GP Int (Pre-1996)
40B 60+ GP Exp (Pre-1996)44E Junior 12 &up Beg
44D Junior 12 &up Nov45C Women Open Int
19D Ironman GP Nov19C Ironman GP Int
17 Trikes Open Skill A54E Junior 12 under Beg
54D Junior 12 under Nov42D DS Pre-1990 Nov
42C DS Pre-1990 Int42B DS Pre-1990 Exp
43C DS 1990&Newer Int 
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