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CALVMX RD #9 /AHRMA National - 11/3/2019
Glen Helen Raceway
Please Select a Class from the List Below
All Classes
A Historic Open Int6D Classic 250cc Nov (Pre-1972
10D Vintage 250 Nov Sportsman10C Vintage 250 Int Sportsman
10B Vintage 250 Exp Sportsman11C Vintage 500 Int Sportsman
12B Vintage Open Age Exp13D Vintage +50 Nov
13B Vintage +50 Exp14C Vintage +60 Int
14B Vintage +60 Exp15C Vintage +70 Int
21C GP1-250 Int (Pre-1981)21B GP1-250 Exp (Pre-1981)
22C GP1-500 Int (Pre-1981)24C GP2-250 Int (Pre-1986)
24B GP2-250 Exp (Pre-1986)25C GP2-500 Int (Pre-1986)
25B GP2-500 Exp (Pre-1986)27D GP3-250 Nov (Pre-1996)
27C GP3-250 Int (Pre-1996)28C GP3-500 Int (Pre-1996)
29C GP200 Int33D XR75/80 Stk Nov Pre 1985
33C XR75/80 Stk Int Pre 198535D MS Vet 40+ Nov
35C MS Vet 40+ Int35B MS Vet 40+ Exp
36D MS 2 Stroke Nov37D MS 4 Stroke Nov
37C MS 4 Stroke Int37B MS 4 Stroke Exp
38C Open Age GP Int38B Open Age GP Exp
39D 50+ GP Nov (Pre-1996)39B 50+ GP Exp (Pre-1996)
40C 60+ GP Int (Pre-1996)40B 60+ GP Exp (Pre-1996)
44D Junior 12 &up NovA Premier 500 Int
A Premier 500 ExpA Premier Open Twin Int
A Premier Open Twin ExpA Premier Lght Wgt Int
A Premier Lght Wgt ExpA Early Sptsman Stk 500 Int
A Early Sptsman Stk 500 ExpA Early Sptsman Stk 250 Nov
A Early Sptsman Stk 250 ExpA Ultima 250 Int
A +50 Vintage NovA +50 Vintage Int
A +60 Vintage NovA +60 Vintage Int
A +60 Vintage ExpA +70 Vintage Nov
A Women ExpA Sportsman 125 Nov
A Sportsman 125 IntA Sportsman 250 Nov
A Sportsman 250 IntA Vintage Open Age Nov
A 40+ Post Vintage IntA 50+ Post Vintage Int
42D DS Pre-1990 Nov42B DS Pre-1990 Exp
43D DS 1990&Newer Nov43C DS 1990&Newer Int
31D GP100 Mod Nov (Any Year)31C GP100 Mod Int (Any Year)
31B GP100 Mod Exp (Any Year)A Classic 125 Int
A Classic 125 NovA Classic 500 Int
A 100cc Nov 
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