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2018 Saturday under lights spring/summer
2018 Am shootout
2017 Saturday Night Under the Lights
2014 CMC Golden State North
2013 CMC Trans Cal North
2013 CMC Summer Challenge - North
2013 CMC Spring Classic- North
2013 CMC Golden State North
2012 CMC Trans Cal - North
2012 Battle of the Bay Sat Night Series
2012 CMC Spring Classic - North
2012 CMC Golden State National - North
2011 CMC Trans-Cal National - North
2011 CMC Spring Classic
2011 CMC Golden State Nationals North
2010 CMC TransCal National MX Series
2010 CMC Spring Classic
2010 CMC Golden State Nationals North
2009 CMC TransCal Nationals MX Series
2009 CMC Spring Classic MX Series
2009 CMC Golden State Nationals North
2008 Club Moto Summer Night Series
2008 CMC Spring Series North
2008 Pacific Coast Pro-Am Championship North
2008 CMC Golden State Nationals North
2007 CMC TransCAl North
2007 Spring MX Series
2006 CMC TransCal North
2006 CMC Honda Spring Classic
2006 Golden State North
2005 CMC TransCal Nationals North
2005 CMC Honda Spring Classic
2005 CMC Golden State Nationals North
2004 CMC TransCal Nationals North
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