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hop racing, sobmx, flow vision, mx tire, 6d helmets, dt1, mika metals, fmf, motoline supply, enzo racing, dunlop
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 Event Finish Summary 
45th Annual Race of Champions by Kawasaki Sunday-16 - 10/1/2021 - 230 Pension Rd, Englishtown, NJ
 Class   Number   Brand   Moto 1   Moto 2   Moto 3   Class Finish     
 250 "B"   #144  KTM   3rd   3rd   3rd   3rd     
 College Boy (14-24 years)   #144  KTM   2nd   1st   3rd   1st     
 Open "B"   #144  KTM   1st   1st   2nd   1st     
 Ironman Classic   #144  KTM         2nd     
 KROC Thursday Practice   #144  KTM               
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