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CNY Painting, Bristol Racing, The Compound, Cory’s Flooring, MVD, Magari, Stella’s Pics
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45th Annual Race of Champions by Kawasaki Sunday-16 - 10/1/2021 - 230 Pension Rd, Englishtown, NJ
 Class   Number   Brand   Moto 1   Moto 2   Moto 3   Class Finish     
 250 "B"   #225  YAM   13th   15th   13th   11th     
 Open "B"   #225  YAM   10th   8th   8th   9th     
 Ironman Classic   #225  YAM         30th     
44th Annual Kawasaki Race of Champions Sat - 10/2/2020 - 230 Pension Rd, Englishtown, NJ 07726
 Class   Number   Brand   Moto 1   Moto 2   Moto 3   Class Finish     
 250 "B"   #225  YAM   19th   19th   16th   15th     
 Schoolboy 1 (12-17) 2-Strk   #225  YAM   11th   13th   10th   10th     
 KROC Thursday Practice   #225  YAM               
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