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intermediate. Pool Time, Motorcycle Recreation and Safety Management (MotoRec) Dave's Adventure Cycles
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2018 CZ World Champ
 Series Points  Summary 
 Class   Class Rank   Class Points   Points Behind Leader   Events Attended   Podiums   Overall Wins 
 Cz Trans-Am 250cc Int +50 Not Scored00110
 Cz Class 74 250cc Int Not Scored00110
 Cz Class 74 +60 Int Not Scored00111
 Event Finish Summary 
CZ World Champ - 5/6/2018 - mmx racing
 Class   Number   Brand     Moto 1   Moto 2   Class Finish   Points Earned   
 Cz Trans-Am 250cc Int +50   #410  OTH     2nd   2nd   2nd   0  
 Cz Class 74 250cc Int   #410  OTH     2nd   3rd   3rd   0  
 Cz Class 74 +60 Int   #410  OTH     1st   1st   1st   0  
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