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2017 Fall Classic 2017 Rnd 4 LACR - 11/19/2017
Please Select a Class from the List Below
25+ Beginner25+ Novice
25+ Intermediate30+ Beginner
30+ Amateur30+ Novice
30+ Intermediate30+ Pro
40+ Beginner40+ Amateur
40+ Novice40+ Intermediate
50+ Amateur50+ Expert
60+ ExpertVet Novice Open
Vet Int OpenWomen Open
Vet Exp OpenBeginner 65cc
0-8 years 65cc9-11 years 65cc
Open 65cc (No Beginners)Intro-Beg 85/150F
Beginner 85/150F0-11 years 85/150F
12-13 years 85/150FOpen 85-150F/Supermini
Intro-Beg 125-450FBeginner 250F
Beginner 450Novice 250F
Novice 450FIntermediate 250F
Intermediate 450FSchool Boy (125/250F)
Open Non-ProPro 250F
Pro 450FPro Open (125-450)
Pee Wee 7-8 yearsPee Wee 4-6 years
Pee Wee Open (No Beginners)50+ Novice
Pee Wee Open Beg 4-6yrsOpen 65cc (Intro Beg/Beg)
Open 85/150F BeginnerOpen 125-450F (Beg)
Open 25+ (Beg/Amt)50+ Beginner
Novice 65ccPee Wee Beginner 4-6yrs
Big Wheel Open 85/150FPee Wee Beginner 7-8yrs
125cc OpenPW/XR50 Intro 4-8yrs
Sportsman Nov 125-450FPee Wee Starter 4-8yrs
Boyesen 2-Stroke OpenNovice 85/150F
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